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Top 5 Reasons To Sell Your House To A Real Estate Investor

Sellers have a lot of options when it comes to selling their home in today's market. You can sell it on the MLS, FSBO, Zillow, and a bunch of other online websites. However, most of the traditional options require sellers to have planning, time and patience in order to sell. In the current economy, job losses, foreclosures, and other financial woes are putting immense pressure on homeowners to sell, and sell fast.

Selling to a real estate investor in your area can reduce your stress and ease the process of selling your house. Below are the 5 reasons why you should sell your house to a real estate investor investor.

1. Speed

One of the main advantage of selling to an investor is speed. We typically know what we're looking for and can give you an offer on the spot. In some cases, we may not even need to look at the house. We buy houses cash or with hard money and are able to close in as little as two weeks. We do not need to get a home inspection, you do not need to make repairs and we do not have any house to sell contingencies. 2. Sell in As-Is condition

This is the primary motivator for many home sellers. Putting a house on the market is expensive. It may take thousands of dollars in repairs to finally get to the point where your home can compete with newer homes and rentals in the area. Making lots of repairs doesn't even guarantee you a quick sell. Retail buyers feel the need to imagine themselves in the house before they buy it. This can be difficult for buyers to do if the walls and carpet are dirty or there are other house repairs that need to be made. Investors can deal with imperfections, and actually expect to have to make repairs.

3. No commission or closing cost

Since you are working directly with real estate investors, you do not need to pay real estate commissions! Depending on the real estate brokerage you work with, real estate commissions can be as high as 6-7% of the price that your home sells for. This doesn't include other fees such as a listing fee and other fees that a real estate brokerage may require.

We don't require any fees to buy your house and in many cases, we will also help with closing costs such as title insurance, survey and other expensive fees. We understand that some sellers have limited funds when they sell their home so we offer to help pay for closing costs.

4. Convenience

The fourth reason to work with real estate investors is convenience. We see buying your house as offering you a valuable service, and as a result, we are willing to work around your schedule. You won't need stay on call, prepared to leave your house at a moments notice for a realtor if you list your home on the MLS. Also, you can leave any items in the house that you don't want to move. We will take care of donating old items or throwing them away. This is especially beneficial if you do not want to spend more money on moving costs.

5. Flexibility

Real estate investors are flexible when it comes to buying your house. We can structure the deal in whatever way fits your situation. Since we aren't going to live in the house, we can close in as little as two weeks or we can wait for a few months if needed. We can also structure the purchase of your home using other methods such as subject to, seller financing, lease option, and other methods that are not available if you sells on the MLS.

There has never been a better time to sell as a homeowner in today's market. There are many different options available when you decide to sell your home. In many cases, you can sell your house on the MLS or for sale by owner if you have the experience, time and patience. Real estate investors is another great option if you are interested in any of the the five reasons above.

Call or text us today at (847) 238-2444 if you have any questions or looking to sell your house! We'd be happy to help buy your house.

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