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3 Secrets Why Real Estate Investors Want to Buy Directly From Sellers

Most people are familiar with the fix and flip shows that are popular on cable TV these days. What's not as familiar is how those investors actually get their investment properties. Most investors like myself are looking for win-win situations where they can help the seller buy their house based on the seller's needs and at the same time make enough money to make a decent profit.

However, I'd like to share with you some secrets of why investors are interested in dealing directly with sellers. My goal is for sellers to better understand investors to work towards creating a win-win situation.

1. Investors need the inventory and there is not a lot of great deals right now.

Investors like me are really looking for win-win situations when buying properties directly from sellers. We don't always need to get the lowest amount of money for your house. We consider other factors such as terms, situation, and condition of your home.

In today's competitive market, we are open to paying more for your property. However, the market can change quickly with all of the uncertainty in the world today. It all depends on supply and demand and today there is more demand for houses than what's currently available.

2. We've spent a lot of money marketing to find our next property. Most real estate investors market directly to sellers. Nowadays, there are very few deals on the MLS, auctions and other traditional places to buy real estate. We market to sellers through direct mail, Facebook ads, Google Ads, and other traditional marketing channels. After spending all of this marketing dollars, we're REALLY interested in buying your property! 4. We need a property that we can improve in order to make money.

Most deals on the MLS are retail ready properties and don't need a lot of updating. This makes it difficult for investors to make money since investors only get paid when they make improvements on a property. This makes your property ideal if you have repairs that need to made. Even if you haven't updated your house since the 70's, investors are interested in buying your property. We aren't looking for properties in great condition but for properties that need some TLC!

Many real estate investors are afraid of letting sellers know some of the secrets of why and how they buy properties. I think it makes more sense to be up front with sellers and be transparent about the process. If you're not in the business of helping sellers in their situation, soon you'll find yourself out of business.

Call of text us today at (847) 238-2444 if you have any questions or looking to sell your house.

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